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Mission Study - First Presbyterian Church

2016 Mission Study

Letters from Session - First Presbyterian Church

May 6, 2020

June 2, 2020 - Special Session Meeting

Church Reopening Plan - June 7th, 2020

060720 Reopening Plan Image  2.jpg

1.      We are excited to be open for worship service again!  However, please note there will be no other ministry activities happening besides those pertaining to the main worship service.  Other activities will resume at a later date.

2.      There will be no Common Ground Coffee Time, no coffee will be served, and the water fountains will be unavailable. Please bring what you need for you and your family.

3.      Bulletins and Individual Communion Elements will be placed on the pews following social distancing guidelines.  Please make sure you keep 3 seats (6’) between your family group and the next family group.

4.      Nursery is available if needed, however, the nursery will not be staffed.

5.      Please practice good hygiene - wash your hands when appropriate, observe social distancing, practice appropriate greeting methods, homemade masks will be available if you need one, and if you want to socialize, please do so outside the church building.

6.      Please stay home if you are sick or if you are particularly at risk of the Coronavirus! We completely understand the need for folks to be safe and trust you to employ wisdom to care for yourself and those you love.

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