FPC 052420 Church Family & Friends

Carolyn Adams -

Hi Tricia, I wanted to send this picture of the banner that is on the campus here at the Manor. I love it and it warms my heart. God bless them all. 

Our church family, April 2020

Carolyn Adams sent me a text asking if I could share a picture for her because she liked it and wanted others to see it as well.  Welp, that sparked an idea - So  I sent out a text to a few church members and told them that we are missing their faces!  I asked them to send pictures, videos or inspirational/fun quotes.  The response was amazing!  We have a wonderful church family y'all!!  

Thank you to those of you who shared a part of your life with us!  We would love to hear from more of you!  If you would like to add your picture/quote/video, please send it to newtonfpc@gmail.com. 

Blessings, Tricia

Sandi Johnston -

This chalk art I did last week was a “Love” message 2 my neighbors. The stick figures across the bottom are supposed 2 represent my dog Grover & me & my grandchildren. 


Sandy also shared a picture of a "LUV" rock she found.  She found this as she was walking along Sand Creek.   She thinks that it would be a great project while we stay at home to make these "LUV" rocks and put them around town.  I agree! 

Dean & Rita Allmon -

We are doing ok.   Working on our yard.   On nice days love being outside!!!

Larry & Pam Trussell -

We go somewhere almost every day to walk. Keep the bird feeders and corn, etc full for our menagerie of birds and squirrels. Did a 1000 piece puzzle. Visit the grand kids on messenger video. Enjoying getting outside to work on the yard.

Ken, & Lori Knepper - 

We enjoyed time together as Brett was home for a month.  Brett has returned to his Lawrence apartment.  Prayers please for his safety.


Ken and I continue to work full-time.  Ken at the bank and I am working my DCF Quality Control job from home.  I am balancing watching our 7 year old grandson and helping with his schooling.  Enjoying time with his 2 yr old sister too but she is able to go to childcare.  We did enjoy Easter together as a family. 

Jeri Smith - 

God is good.  I get up ever day with something I want to accomplish.  Sometimes it's big but sometimes it's small and ever day seems to be good.  ((Jeri, this video is for you!))

Paul & Rojean DuBois - 

Sewing quilt “rows” and masks. 


Great grands just came to play on swings and draw with chalk for a bit. Love to see them even with distancing.

Rhonda Tillberg - 

Like everyone else, I'm staying home letting my hair grow out while I read, sew, walk my doggie, cook/bake, and FaceTime with family and friends.   Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

Susan Brack -

Stay Home, Stay Reading, Stay Connected! 

((I love it that he is in a box with a a book and a computer!))

Mark & Jenny Gihring -

Enjoying our morning coffee with Craig and Dixie!

Greg & Ladonna Schmidt -

Enjoying this beautiful weather!  Can't wait to get some flowers to plant!  ((looks like they have been FaceTiming with Lindsay and Kendall  - and their dogs too!))

Kathy Randall - 

Masked up courtesy of Rojean. I'm enjoying the beautiful day at Washington Rd Park, after eating lunch in my car.

Bev McGee - 

It was Melissa's 45th birthday yesterday,  I'm visiting while distancing myself and my brother Ron is visiting too!   I made cinnamon rolls, rather than a cake.


I stay busy taking care of my yard, walking, watching birds & movies, and reading the Daily Bible.   I've enjoyed the Sunday Services that are provided online and calls from Nate & Scott.
Have a great day!

Brad & Becky Cooper - 

This is a picture of our Son Conner and his Fiancé Casey, he proposed on February 29th and she said yes.

This is a picture of my basement chalkboard I use everyday to teach kids online.

And the packets Brad and I put together for my 18 students.

Scott & Addie Perkins - 

Here is Cooper and Scott roasting

marshmallows in our backyard!

Nate & Julie Regier - 

S'mores from fire pit in back yard

Kids homeschooling together - high school and grad school classes, with Milo the dog wanting to join

And Nate smoking turkey and rabbit on his smoker

Brent & Michelle Coffman - 

Check out our little Easter egg!  This is Mallorie's baby, Willow,

born at the end of February.  Can't hold her though! 

Jim & Donna Anderson -

Jim and I stay busy with our granddaughters, or when on our own, we read, do house/yard chores, knit, jigsaw puzzles, and cook, eat, clean up and repeat!  We appreciate the church's services and those giving their talents to those services...Scott, Helen, Kelli, Mary, Vada & company and Tricia.   The telephone calls are appreciated also.


Brooklyn and Lexi have been mastering their bikes and we enjoy walks together and lots of games & activities.  Brooklyn read a book to me while looking at it upside down.  She loves to play school and she is a teacher who requires the student's best!   Lexi learned to knit stocking hats.  This is a toddler/preschool size one.  Maybe it will be on a future "Mitten" tree.  ​

Cameron & Kelley Laswell -

Enjoying family time outside!

Greg & Mary McGehee - 

Crusing main in Newton with Rachelle and Karev.  Greg beating me in a game of Stock Market.  

Brent & Kelli Glann - 

Enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

John & Pat Morton - 

Heres a song they wanted to share!

Tom & Angela Altum - 

Virtually celebrating Colin's 20th birthday, Riding Tom's motorcycle, and  Angela's mom and dad (Larry & Rose Thompson) waiving from their Presbyterian Manor apartment.  

Tricia Brothers

Working on things mostly from home.  Bowie is a great helper?  Taking the dogs on car rides to get out of the house - Bowie is lovin' the car rides!   While my old boy Doc would prefer to "nap" most of the day - and wishes Mr. Anderson the cat would learn how to practice social distancing.   


My niece Kirstyn just got some baby ducks!  And if you know me at all, you know I love dogs and DUCKS!   These two are too precious!!  Kirstyn is giving them SWIMMING Lessons!  ADORBS!


She is looking for name suggestions....

Any clever ideas out there??   

Bob & Marilyn Sjorgen - 

Since we've been having such inconsistent weather, I've enjoyed my indoor garden!  

Libby Trusell - 

I’m enjoying seeing people go by as I sit on the porch swing.  Let me know if you need masks as I have lots of material and supposed to get 100 yards of elastic—I even made a mask for my stone goose! 

Sue Ice - 

Sue out for one of her many trike rides!


to everyone

who responded!

It has been an absolute

joy to put this together.

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