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Nov 04, 2021
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The emulsification phenomenon of vacuum pump oil can be understood in this way from the perspective of physics. The phenomenon that two liquids that could not be mixed together can be mixed together due to the action of surfactant is called emulsification phenomenon. Today, I'd like to talk about the causes and hazards of vacuum pump oil emulsification. Vacuum pump reason: During the operation of the vacuum pump, corrosive gas or gas containing water vapor may be inhaled. Then, the corrosive gas will corrode the metal parts in the pump. After chemical reaction with the vacuum pump oil, the gas containing water vapor will also cause the emulsification of the vacuum pump oil. influence: Vacuum pump is widely used. From the reason of vacuum pump oil emulsification, emulsification is easy to occur in the process of medicine, food, ceramics and other industries. Because in the process of vacuum dehydration, a lot of water vapor will be discharged into the pump oil, which can not avoid the emulsification of the vacuum pump oil. harm: The emulsification of vacuum pump oil not only affects the service life of pump oil, but also affects the deterioration of pressure. This is one of the common faults of vacuum pump. The normal operation of the vacuum pump is seriously. Methods to prevent emulsification of vacuum pump oil: The simplest method is to select pump oil for demulsification. The pump oil has good demulsibility and strong oil separation ability. Some steam can be eliminated by opening the gas valve. You just need to remember that low viscosity pump oil is more demulsible than high viscosity pump oil. The effect of adding pump oil is more obvious than that of not adding pump oil. Cleanliness of vacuum pump oil: (1) The oil filling window must be clean and tidy. It is strictly prohibited to expose to the sun and store in the open air. Store in a dark, dry and ventilated place to prevent mixing of moisture and dust. (2) The refueling equipment must be special equipment, not containers containing other oils or solvents; Suction pump. (3) When taking oil or loading oil, the light rain around the barrel cover must be cleaned to prevent sundries from mixing into the oil and causing wear of the pump. (4) When changing the oil of the vacuum pump, the unused oil in the pump must be cleaned. After pouring the new oil into the pump, slowly rotate the pump shaft, clean the remaining oil in the pump chamber and repeat the cleaning. (5) When mineral oil is exchanged with ester oil or other synthetic oil, the pump should be disassembled for thorough cleaning, including that each part must be immersed in ester oil to prevent contamination. Vacuum Pump Heat Treatment Guide,Heat Treatment Equipment Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


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