Whether you are just starting your faith journey or are well on your way, please join us for a Christ-lead service!

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Worship   Connection

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Here are a few events happening at FPC

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October 2nd

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At FPC Newton we're pretty "particular" - we believe that God brings particular people together in particular times and places to do particular things in the Kingdom of God.

If you're reading this today -

it's for God's reason.

 You are invited to join in the life of our community of faith to discover how Christ-centered worship compels us to care for others in our church and city.  

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Please enjoy these videos celebrating the

life & times of First Presbyterian Church

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Wednesday Night JUMP!

7:00pm - 8:15pm

Middle/High School 

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October 23rd 

During Worship

Collection of 150th Celebration Interviews (all five videos)

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Newton, Kansas 


Come see what God has prepared in advance for us to accomplish together!

Please mail your offering to:

 900 Columbus AvenueNewton, KS 67114.


If you would like to enroll in automatic withdraw, please send a voided check to the church in care of Marsha Swander, FPC Treasurer.   Thank you for keeping your church in your thoughts and prayers.


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