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Welcome to NFPC Worship Connection 2020! 

First Presbyterian Church
Newton, KS
Please enjoy our Worship Services!

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12/27/20 What Kind of Year Has This Been? - A Time to Draw Close to the Father's Heart & Livestream Video!

12/24/20 -  Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Livestream Video!

12/13/20Christmas Unwrapped: God's Timing 

12 06 20Christmas Unwrapped: God's Welcome Home

11/29/20Christmas Unwrapped: Faithfulness & Sermon Video!

11/22/20The Ten Promises ~ The Way Society Gets Blessed  & Sermon Video!

11/15/20The Ten Promises ~ God's Faithfulness & Sermon Video!

11/08/20The Ten Promises ~ Rhythm of Wholeness & Sermon Video!

11/01/20 -  No Ordinary Kingdom (Marvin Rice Guest Preacher) & Sermon Video only!

10/25/20The Ten Promises ~ Don't Let It Be in Vain & Sermon Video!

10/18/20The Ten Promises ~ Don't Box Me In & Sermon Video!

10/11/20The Ten Promises ~ You Were Made for Me Alone & Sermon Video!

10/04/20The Ten Promises ~ Jealous for Our Freedom 

09/27/20Travel Stories ~ The Minimalist & Sermon Video!

09/20/20Travel Stories ~ The Sinners & Sermon Video!

09/13/20Travel Stories ~ The Widow & Sermon Video!

09/06/20Travel Stories ~ The Invisible Man & Sermon Video!

08/30/20Travel Stories ~ The Rascal & Sermon Video!

08/23/20 Travel Stories ~ The Lost Brothers & Sermon Video!

08/16/20 -  Come Out of Your Tents (Marvin Rice, Guest Preacher) Sermon Video only! 

08/09/20Travel Stories ~ Table Talk & Sermon Video!

08/02/20 Travel Stories ~ Manure & Sermon Video!

07/26/20Travel Stories ~ The Barn Builder & Sermon Video!

07/19/20Travel Stories ~ The Friend & Sermon Video!

07/12/20Travel Stories ~ The Neighbor & Sermon Video!

07/05/20 -  The Homecoming Celebration (Rev John Haspels, Guest Pastor) Sermon Video Only!

06/28/20Beatitudes:  Happy Subversives & Sermon Video!

06/21/20Beatitudes:  Blessed Are the Shalom Makers & Sermon Video!

06/14/20Beatitudes:  Blessed Are the Pure in Heart & Sermon Video!

06/07/20Beatitudes:  Blessed Are the Dissatisfied & Sermon Video!

05/31/20Beatitudes:  Blessed to Not Give Others What They Deserve & Sermon Video!

05/24/20Beatitudes:  Blessed When We Roll It All Onto God & Sermon Video!

05/17/20 -  Finding God in Jonah (Rev John Haspels, Guest Pastor) Sermon Video only


05/10/20 -  Beatitudes:  Blessed When We Feel LIfe's Pain  & Sermon Video!

05/03/20 -  Beatitudes:  Blessed When We Feel Spiritually Bankrupt  & Sermon Video!

04/26/20 -  Beatitudes:  A Portrait of Kingdom People  & Sermon Video!

04/19/20 -  Practical Graces: Befriending Grace  & Sermon Video!

04/12/20 -  Easter Message: “Living From Victory”  & Sermon Video!

04/09/20 -  Maundy Thursday Liturgy:  “The Oil Press” 

04/05/20 -  Journey to the Cross:  The Triumphal Entry & Sermon Video!

03/29/20 -  Journey to the Cross:  It's Not About Cadbury Creme Eggs & Sermon Video!

03/22/20 -  Journey to the Cross:  Double DenialSermon Video!

03/08/20 -  Journey to the Cross:  The Conspiracy Theories

03/01/20 -  Journey to the Cross:  Ash Wednesday Sunday

02/09/20 -  ORTHODOXY:  The Life Everlasting Life

02/02/20 -  ORTHODOXY: The Forgiven Life

01/26/20 -  ORTHODOXY: The Sibling Life

01/19/20 -  ORTHODOXY: The Created Life

01/12/20 -  ORTHODOXY: The Picturesque Life

01 05 20 -  Your MINISTRY Matters

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